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To FTT Ltd

​You might be new to our site, new to trading, or to Futures trading. We would like to welcome you to FTT, Kenya’s first Futures trading site where we teach you how to trade the Futures market with the help of Tape Reading. We believe this to be the perfect time for Kenyans to learn electronic trading . We are excited to be here and to teach how to trade correctly and efficiently.


Trading can be daunting at times, especially when speaking of Futures. Often people ask us: what is Futures trading and what is Tape Reading and how do you learn it? To learn more about the Futures market you can go here (


In essence, a Futures contract is an agreement between two parties to buy or sell an asset today (oil, tea, coffee, cotton, etc.….) that will be deliverable at a given date in the future. The intent here is not to deliver the asset at the agreed upon date but to make money off the price fluctuations.


Tape reading is the analysis of the order flow of the market based on Level III data. With Tape reading, one can identify buyers and sellers, or imbalances in supply and demand of the market. This in return will hint in which direction the market is going to move. The beauty of tape reading is that it instantly gives you the pulse of the market. It is an art and it takes time to master it. Once mastered, this is what we believe to be the holy grail of intra-day trading.​

At FTT we want to ensure that you learn:                                                                                         

  1. To have a trading plan

  2. Tape reading

  3. Proper money management

  4. Risk management

  5. Trade management

  6. How to identify High-Frequency Trading

If you are serious about trading, this is where it starts. Let’s begin together this wonderful journey to your financial freedom!

Making money doesn’t have to be difficult to learn in a short time frame. #TradeWIthFTT

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